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Forklifts are widely used to improve the efficiency of logistical distribution systems. Forklifts cause 75 deaths and nearly 35,000 serious injuries a year. However, this convenient transporting machine may be the cause of serious accidents or casualties if used incorrectly. When it comes to forklifts and pedestrians, there is no such thing as a minor accident.

The WAREHOUSE SAFETY SYSTEMS - SMART AISLE BARRIER WITH RED LINE SYSTEM help manage traffic to separate forklifts and pedestrians. Depending on the priorities and operations, the barrier can help restrict pedestrians, help restrict forklifts, or both in configurable smart aisle barrier plan.


Smart Aisle Barrier with Red Line Crossing system is crucial for high traffic environments. Not only do these systems reduce the risk of accidents, they also improve workplace productivity by allowing employees and Forklift operators to focus on the task at hand. The system will warn the forklift driver and pedestrians of their proximity to each other.

High visibility red line barrier are installed in the aisle to alert the pedestrians when the forklift with blue light approaches junctions.

The arms (barrier) synchronize with automated or stop arm with red light and forklift blue light with white sound and optional fork camera with In-Cab LCD screen and reverse sensors & alert console.

Pedestrians & people working in the aisle will be alerted by red line on ground, flashing red LED light and white sound alarms in warehouse, shops, factory floors, work areas, distribution centers, loading docks, or shipping yards.

Increase Efficiency

Increase productivity
Eliminates blind spots
Excellent for blind aisles, corners, low-visibility intersections and areas where single-direction pedestrian management is needed.
Helps manage both vehicles and pedestrians for improved intersection safety.
Ideal for workers passing through workcells, docks, or plant/office egress points.

We offer our warehouse security warning solutions in UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and all other countries.