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This is the only Intelligent PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera system in the world to automatically detect, confirm, and follow incidents from 320m in all directions at the same time, automatically control a PTZ camera to zoom into and automatically confirm the incident, automatically follow the action, capture high quality close-up evidence of even before the alarm is raised, and then automatically report it for rapid response and investigation.

It is the most effective and versatile automated CCTV surveillance camera system, with modular plug-and-play hardware for all types of application and environment. This IP surveillance camera system uses multiple fixed contextual view cameras with one moving PTZ camera, to simplify permanent and temporary deployment options, for CCTV security, people surveillance and traffic management.

With intelligent video analytics software and bandwidth management of all cameras, this delivers Virtual Gigapixel video information over standard transmission technologies, for the most accurate ground truth and situational awareness. The PTZ camera and wide contextual view cameras produce between 3 and 14 Mbps of video data.

Its multiple CCTV camera modules support any optical requirements by using Viseum certified PTZ cameras and high resolution fixed contextual view camera. Its automated surveillance gives maximum flexibility to operate as an unmanned stand-alone camera with manual operator override if required for:

Manned and unmanned central control rooms, and
Mobile observation posts.

Technical Specification:

Various models of ruggedized IP rated weather proofing IP66, IP67, and IP68.
Installed upright or downwards for permanent or re-deployable installations.
Quick release plug/socket multi-core cables and weatherproof speed-fixers for temporary or re-deployable installations.
Fixed cameras easily positioned to cover only desired areas, with pan and tilt adjustment using a single fixing.
Modular hardware configurations depending on deployment weight limits, the number of viseum iVOS software channels, and 60 degree fixed contextual view surveillance cameras for line of sight CCTV coverage:


Weight: Full 6 Camera Array 3.2 kg (each fixed camera 260g) - pole or wall Bracket 1.7 kg.
Dimensions: Ideal sited height 6m - 10m I Array 270mm (Dial) x 117mm (H)  I  Complete unit with typical PTZ 457mm (H).
Operating Temperature: Various models between -40  +75 degree C.
Power Supply: PTZ: 18V AC/24V DC - External 240/110V AC PSU.                        
Fixed Cameras: 12V DC - External 240/110V AC PSU.
Maximum Power: 84 Watts (including 6 detection cameras, PTZ camera and iVOS camera controller).

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