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VIN Speed limiter is a device designed to limit the speed of vehicle like truck, school bus, car and so on. Nowadays, we are reaching and developing the devices as a fleet management tool, With the function real-time tracking, Geo-fence and data recorded.

How it works?

VIN Speed Limiter will monitor the road speed of the vehicle by the installation of an electro-mechanical speed sensor. When the pre-defined speed is reached, the speed limiter will temporarily cause the engine to lose the power.

The engine power will be reinstated at a speed not less than the pre-warning switch point, which is 5% below the set speed (without affecting the other performance parameters of the vehicle in any manner).


Industrial grade speed limiter device with built in GPS module which can be calibrated to withstand the vibrations and temperature of the vehicles.
Capable to limit the speed of the vehicle at the set speed as stipulated by the authority.
Maximum tamper proof and fail safe against disconnection and failure of various components like power supply, speed sensors, mechanical actuator system, linkages etc.
Bluetooth, WIFI enabled
Will not interfere with the brake systems of the vehicle
It is EMC compatible and have Anti-Jammer mechanism
It will allow normal accelerator control for the purpose of gear changing
It is independent of the condition or soundness of the speedometer
It will be resistant to reverse polarity connections
It will have in built features that allow functionality checks and inspection devices to facilitate the checking when the vehicle is not in motion
It can remotely communicate through available telecom infrastructure
Geo-Fencing available
Multilingual user manual and technical manual is available Technical Specifications
Speed is recorded in Km/h in every five seconds interval
Data is captured with GPS coordinates
Google Map integrated Real time online tracking Fleet Management Platform

We offer our vehicle safety governor in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain and all other countries.